Advisory and consultancy

Advisory and consultancy

As part of this service adapted to each client, Oleica will study your olive production, integrating both troubleshooting and corrective measures as well as the implementation of advances and improvements from a preventive standpoint. This advice is based on your packaging’s shelf life estimation and on the development of systems that optimise analysis, monitoring and critical control points in companies (HACCP). This means implementing an integral improvement concept (360º) with technological, monitoring and planning capabilities unmatched by the majority of consultancies.

All the scientific knowledge at the service of your company

We find a way not only to implement the quality standards, but also to create an entire scope of work unique to each situation, so that you can always achieve homogeneous production standards. This agri-food consultancy service will lay the foundations for implementing technological transformation in the olive industry.

Until now, customised consultancy in the agri-food sector has been unavailable. The more generic laboratories base their conclusions on unified analyses with reports lacking direct application. Our strict scientific procedures allow us to gain in-depth knowledge of the olive’s natural environment, which we specifically apply to each consultation with the clients who place their trust in Oleica. Our process begins by checking what is in place, how you work and what can be improved. If you think that your production has aspects that can be improved or if you have encountered a problem in olive generation directly, get in touch with our team and start taking advantage of all the opportunities and resources we offer.

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