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New generation starter cultures

Bearing in mind that the fermentation of table olives often occurs spontaneously, the process and the microorganisms that develop must be monitored so that they do not lead to uncontrolled processes that may result in products of poor quality for the consumer, including those with defects known as zapateria or alambrado, amongst others.

The use of fermentation starter cultures has a number of advantages, such as increased product homogeneity, improved organoleptic profile, reduced fermentation time and reduced risk of spoilage. Furthermore, if we add probiotic potential to these technological characteristics, we are talking about the development of next-generation starter cultures with multifunctional characteristics (technological + probiotic).

Yeast starter cultures

Mixture of two multifunctional yeast strains (Wickerhanomyces anomalus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that boast remarkable technological and potentially probiotic characteristics and are intended for the production of table olives and other fermented vegetables.
This culture was successfully selected after years of scientific studies and validation on an industrial scale by scientists at the Instituto de la Grasa (Agencia Estatal del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) on the basis of its beneficial effect on fermentation processes by promoting biofilm formation.
The use of two strains makes the culture more robust, flexible and effective in a larger number of processes, simulating the natural flora that develops during the fermentation process.

This inoculum has been developed for application in table olive fermentations, especially in natural black and green fermentations, with the aim of biologically accelerating the loss of bitterness in the fruit, increasing aroma production in the fermentation, and improving the subsequent development and growth of native lactic acid bacteria.

It has a high capacity for biofilm formation and adhesion to the fruit surface, as well as other notable potential probiotic characteristics.

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