Oleica has the resources and scientific-technical knowledge to offer a comprehensive food quality and safety management service. We offer a complete package of physico-chemical and microbiological analyses that can be adapted to the particular needs of each company. We have a laboratory dedicated to the physicochemical and microbiological analysis of table olives, pioneering in the field for its know-how and characterized by its high scientific specialization.

In keeping with our aim to increase table olive quality and safety, we can help you to detect and correct microbiological and physico-chemical alterations that may occur during the production process. Any company interested in being tested can benefit from our analysis service. Our team is fully competent in technical and research aspects and will adapt to meet each client’s needs on a case-by-case basis.

Provide your company with a complete analytical service

Our table olive analysis laboratory allows us to differentiate ourselves from what any other company in the sector can offer. This means a leap ahead of the competition based on innovation, scientific knowledge and customer satisfaction, due to our enhanced knowledge of the process.

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